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Important Advice to Follow When You Have Filed for Social Security

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If you have suffered an illness or injury that has left you unable to work, you may be eligible to receive Social Security benefits. These benefits will help to replace the income you are no longer able to earn. Being approved for Social Security is not a quick or easy process to go through. However, once you are approved, you will once again have money coming in each month.
Once you apply for Social Security, it is important to be aware of the ways you can end up damaging your case, which can cause you to be denied for Social Security benefits. This article will help to educate you on the things you want to do and the things you should do when you are trying to be approved for Social Security.
Make It to All of Your Doctor Appointments
Do not miss a scheduled doctor's appointment, physical therapy session, counseling session, medical test, or another appointment regarding the illness or injury you are filing for, unless you have a very good reason. If you do have a good reason, get verification of the reason why you were unable to make the appointment.
Take All of the Medications You Are Prescribed
Pick up and take all the medications you have been prescribed for your condition. If there is a reason you can't take a medication, let your doctor know so they can change the prescription or approve you stopping the medication. Not taking medication prescribed can make it look like you may not be in as bad of shape as you are claiming.
Don't Undervalue Your Condition
Prideful people can have a difficult time admitting how bad things are. When you go to the doctor or speak to someone regarding your Social Security case, you don't want to act tougher than you are. When they ask you how you feel, be completely honest about your pains and discomforts, as well as any other symptoms you are suffering from. It may be embarrassing to admit you can't clean yourself, but if that's the reality of your condition, then it needs to be known.
Give a truthful answer when asked what your pain level is; don't downplay it. Write down your pain levels throughout the day so you don't forget how bad things are when you first wake up, when you perform certain duties, and when your pain medications wear off. Bring this log with you to your doctor's appointments.
Don't Do Anything You Shouldn't
Many people will have a good day here and there. However, when you have those good days you want to continue going about your life the same way you would if it wasn't an exceptional day.
The Social Security administration is known for having investigators watch people who are trying to get Social Security. The investigators will be trying to prove that you aren't as sick or injured as you are claiming.
If you have a weight restriction that states you can't lift more than 10 pounds and the investigator takes a picture of you carrying a bag of dog food into the house that weights more than 10 pounds, then this will look bad for your case.
If you have claimed you can't bend over, but the investigator manages to get a picture of you bending over to tie your shoe, then this will also look bad. Even though, 90 percent of the time you really can't bend over, this picture will make it look like you may have lied.
Don't Forgo an Attorney
The application process for getting Social Security is a long and difficult one. The paperwork is confusing, and there are a lot of things they will ask for that can be hard for you to obtain. You'll have a much better chance of your application being approved if you have a lawyer working for you. Call us now and we can help you get started with filing your Social Security claim.

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